Saturday, November 29, 2008

NorthWORST Air

Every time I've flown Northworst, er Northwest Airlines, there has been a screw-up. Every. Single. Time. I've spent countless hours in the lovely Minneapolis and Detroit airports thanks to their problems. I can't believe this absolute turd of a company is still in business... So, you can imagine my chagrin when NW bought out the best airline in the country (and the one with the most flights to my hometown) Midwest Airlines last year. Of course, they would bring things down. Nonetheless, because they now have a virtual monopoly flying direct into Milwaukee, I booked my flight home for Christmas aboard Northworst a couple weeks back.

After midnight last night, I get an e-mail from Expedia saying "Urgent: one of your flights has been canceled. Call us immediately." Surprise, surprise, after 40 minutes on hold, they tell me that my return flight to LA has been canceled and in its place I've been booked on a flight that stops in Minneapolis. Now, I don't really like flying (maybe it's the 100-ton metal tube defying gravity thing...), so the fewer take-offs and landings the better for me.

But, in this case, more than that it's the principle of the thing. I said I was willing to take a direct flight on a different day - "None available." Okay, well, then the price should be reduced right? I mean since I booked a non-stop flight and now you are stopping? "Nope. Since it is a non-refundable fare we can't have to give you a reduced price." But, wait a minute -- I'm getting WORSE service since now it will take longer, not to mention the stopping thing. "No sir, you are still getting the same class of service." And no chance to get a flight on another airline at this late notice -- oh, and it doesn't matter anyway since the fare I bought was non-refundable, remember? So, they can dick me around and I just have to take it.

Can you imagine this clever trick in any other business?? You order tickets for baseball opening day, then two weeks before the game, they tell you you are now sitting three sections behind where you bought tickets -- for the same price! No chance to get other tickets since they are now sold out, no sorry, no refund, no explanation, no recourse. Classy.

Seems like I'm not the only one to get screwed by Northwest. Here is some fun reading -- remind yourself that this company is still in business. (by the way, I found the picture of the plane up on top on another disgruntled passenger's blog, and it was entitled, "One of their better flights" - funny...)
30 Hours in Detroit Airport- Ugh.
Northwest Blames Pilots for Cancellations - Blaming everyone else. Very Mature.

Note to self: avoid Northworst. No matter how sweet their siren song, they will inevitably disappoint.


  1. Ugh! Sorry to hear, Boehmer. They are the WORST, indeed! And what's more, they're merging with the closely-second WORST airline: Delta. This isn't going to end well.

    Hope your flight schedule change doesn't affect our New Years Day festivities!

  2. thanks, man. hope some of these airlines go out of business. darwinism, baby! and no, it won't affect NY plans. though that MU performance last night might affect my enjoyment of NY day if it becomes a pattern...


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