Friday, November 7, 2008

Greeting Seasons

There IS weather out here - and maybe even a season or two. How can I tell? Well, the days are getting shorter - I notice mainly because it is getting darker and darker as I drive to my Thursday night class each week at the same time. Of course, with daylight savings, it is now very dark as I drive down Santa Monica Blvd. at 6:30. These longer evenings mean that the weather cools off (sans sun) earlier and earlier which is great.

Also, we have had a few rainstorms recently (which I guess signals the start of fall? winter? out here -- I keep hearing Jim Rome plugging Rain X on the radio, so it must be somewhat routine this time of year.) Now most of these storms are different from the usual in the Midwest: there is a lot of wind, and torrential rain -- but it's all over in about 15-20 minutes tops. Then the sun breaks out of the clouds, and within an hour or so a few small puddles are the only reminder that there was any rain at all.

Some days (maybe 1 every few weeks) it remains overcast all day which is quite nice - though after that day, I usually find myself ready for some sun again. So, maybe I'm getting soft, and maybe the weather here could be considered a bit fall-esque, minus the falling leaves and random frost coverings, but I don't think there is any winter snow on the horizon...

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