Friday, October 1, 2010


I had my first official TV table reading today.  (quick note: before every TV episode is shot, most shows have a table read where all the actors, writers, and producers get together and read through the script...)  True to his word, Scott David got me on Criminal Minds a couple weeks after I was originally booked and that role was subsequently cut.  In the upcoming episode, I am playing a reporter at a news conference and have a couple lines.  My role shoots on Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it!

But, back to the table read: it was on the studio lot and there were so many folks there -- about 20+ actors and the writers and producers and studio folk...  Everybody was really kind; before the read (Brilliant Chicago actor!) Joe Mantegna came by and introduced himself to everyone, and afterward Executive Producer Ed Bernero came back and thanked us all individually for coming.  Anyway, it was nice that they made all of the guest cast (even those of us with only a line or two) feel a part of the process.  And most of all, it was nice to actually BE part of the process...


  1. congrats on the read! I know you've working hard to get here and it's paying off.

  2. Thanks, pal -- appreciate the support! shooting today...


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