Monday, October 11, 2010

Old Friends in New Places

This weekend brought a nice surprise: good friends from Marquette, Kris and Vanessa, who live in Phoenix were visiting LA and we were able to meet for lunch at the Pig N' Whistle in Hollywood.  I haven't seen the two in way too long, and it was really nice to catch up.  And when I mentioned that Gina writes for Brothers & Sisters, they were happily surprised mostly because their other friend who was due to join us is a HUGE B&S fan and they had all just been talking about the show the night before.  And sure enough, when Melissa showed up -- Gina was like a celebrity, and Melissa demanded a picture with her :)
Come back soon guys!  (or maybe I'll see you come spring training 2011!)


  1. Nice! That's awesome you got to see Phil and Vinnie, and that Gina is now a celeb! ;)


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