Friday, October 8, 2010

Criminal Minds Shoot

I went to the studio for a costume fitting on Monday -- a really nice Italian suit (well-dressed reporters in this case, I guess!)  Tuesday's shoot was at Union Station downtown, and it was a lot of fun.  My call was at 5 p.m.;I filled out my contract, put on my suit and went through hair and make-up -- but they didn't end up shooting the press conference scene I was a part of until after midnight.  That was fine by me though as I got to hang out in my little trailer and read my book.  Without giving any spoilers, here is just a brief description of the scene itself: one of the main characters holds a press conference.  A TV reporter asks a few questions and my character throws a few questions in from the back -- ones which the main character doesn't want to respond to  They shot the sequence from a bunch of angles and that was that, we wrapped about 2 a.m..  The whole thing was a really good experience for me and next time (if I should be so lucky!) I book a tv show role, I'll know a little bit more what to expect.


  1. Congrats again Boehmer! Can't wait to see the episode.

    (Journalist in an Italian suit?! C'mon!)

  2. 'Grats on the shoot, J! Here's to many more!

  3. Thanks, Lindsay & Greg! (yeah, that suit was slick -- better than any I have, that's for sure ;)


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