Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscar Noms 2010 (2009 Films)

The Oscar nominations were announced this morning -- per new Academy policy, there are 10 nominees for Best Picture this year -- see poll to the right, and let me know how many of these ten you've seen so far.  I was disappointed to see that a few of my favorite films got left out: Star Trek, The Messenger, Crazy Heart and 500 Days of Summer were a few I was hoping would make the list (The Blind Side?!).  Any others that should have gotten nods? 

The odds-on favorites are The Hurt Locker and Avatar, though I hope the latter doesn't win...

There weren't too many surprises in many of the other major categories -- I'll take a closer look at those categories as the March 7th telecast date approaches.


  1. Despite my IMAX-informed 5 star review, I agree with Greg, that would be a travishamockery!


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