Thursday, January 28, 2010

Top Secret Work

As you may remember from last year when I worked on Star Trek, producers can get pretty crazy out here in trying to keep things quiet about high profile projects.  And it makes sense -- how much fun is it to see a movie like that if you've already seen the costumes, props, scenery and/or know the whole plot?  To that end, they make you sign (several) confidentiality agreements, keep close tabs (or take away) cell phones/cameras on or near the set, and threaten you with termination (from the job ;) or even litigation if you break the confidentiality agreement.

All that said, I'm blessed enough to get what will hopefully be a few weeks background work on a project that has similar standards of secrecy.  So, unfortunately I won't be able to post any specifics about what I'm doing or where I'm working.  But, the good news is that at least I DO have some work.  And of course, when the project is released I'll be able to tell all -- so stay tuned!

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