Friday, January 15, 2010

More Work for Hollywood Soon?

Unless you've been living under a rock, undoubtedly you've heard at least something about the debacle going on with NBC late-night.  Of course out here, the Jay vs. Conan vs. NBC saga is front page news.  Why?  Well, mainly because by NBC agreeing to take Leno off his 10 pm nightly spot, that means 5 extra hours of prime-time programming.  And that means more potential jobs for actors, writers, producers, script supervisors, set designers, prop masters, transportation captains, caterers, etc., etc.  So, no matter what happens with The Tonight Show, we all say thanks for finally getting rid of Leno in prime-time! 

Of course, while NBC is looking at what to fill those hours with, the network is also frantically trying to straighten out it's late night mess.  The most current update on the late-night stuff from Nikki Finke and

BREAKING NEWS! EXCLUSIVE! 9TH UPDATE, FRIDAY 7 AM: I can confirm that Team Conan reassembled in Los Angeles last night, and O'Brien's reps are still "figuring out how to settle" but at the same time still lobbying NBCU chief Jeff Zucker to keep Conan as host of The Tonight Show. Their negotiations continued with NBC. Unlike the network which wants a resolution by end of today, the agents-lawyers-managers are in no hurry to accept what NBC is offering to end this late night crisis and the resulting PR nightmare. Team Conan is banking on it getting worse, not better, with every passing hour and day as the media and public stay obsessed with the network vs Tonight ShowStay tuned. host story and all its drama. "This will get off the front pages," NBC Universal chief Jeff Zucker predicted to Team Conan. "You are 100% wrong," one of O'Brien's reps shot back.


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