Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Singular Talent

Had the opportunity to see a screening of the Michael Jackson concert documentary, This Is It, last night. Whatever you think of Michael Jackson the person, after seeing the film there is really no doubting his absolute musical genius.  The rumors of a tired, old former pop superstar just going through the motions were greatly exaggerated.  In fact, the 50 year old looked spry, energetic, and danced circles around brilliant dancers half his age.  One highlight for me: Jackson being chased by Humphrey Bogart (in a scene from The Big Sleep) in a new filmed piece to accompany "Smooth Criminal" - outstanding!  This Is It is poignant and entertaining, an insightful look into a master at work, and easily one of my favorite films of the year. 

The screening was followed by a Q&A with director (and frequent MJ collaborator), Kenny Ortega.  It was both interesting and sad to hear Ortega talk about the unfortunate and "unnecessary" death of his friend.  One nugget that he shared was that he and MJ were working on producing a full-length musical feature based on "Thriller."  That would have been something...

Anyway, like I said, whatever you may think of Jackson's bizarre behavior and often, at best, questionable judgment (at worst, downright criminal activity), if you appreciate music, dancing, art -- and witnessing the process of artistic creation -- give This Is It a shot.


  1. i will now - thanks for the plug! i was on the fence before but you've sold me on it.

  2. Great review, Boehmer. No huge fan of Michael Jackson, either, I actually loved This Is It. Really makes you appreciate his singular genius.

    Also, loved Orianthi's solo on Black and White. And Orianthi in general!

  3. hi guys -
    yeah, holy crap that girl can play! I look forward to hearing more from her...


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