Friday, December 4, 2009

Audition Tales

Thursday afternoon I had a print audition for Anthem Insurance.  They were looking for construction worker-types, encouraging "scruffiness" which was perfect since I have been growing out my beard for the last couple weeks and I was plenty scruffy.  But, Thursday morning, I got another audition notice for a Sears commercial the same day in Santa Monica.  And of course they were looking for clean-cut, approachable employee-types.  Curse the necessary duality of the commercial actor! :)

So, at 2:00 p.m. I got dressed in my flannel and jeans (and scruff) and went to the Anthem audition in Hollywood where they just took a few photos, ran home to shave and change into my khakis and polo shirt and then braved traffic on the 10 west to Santa Monica for my 4:25 p.m. appointment.  The Sears audition was for a fun spot (involving Kenmore washing machines and customers with sock puppets...), and as usual, I would love to book something for them!

Friday morning I got an audition notice for a Quaker Oats commercial which is great.  But, the breakdown said they were looking for joggers, in their early 40's only.  Now, I know I'm no spring chicken, and I've got some gray hair, but playing 10+ years older might be a stretch.  So, I called my agent just to make sure they really wanted me to go -- and that the casting director wouldn't get mad when I came in, not fitting the breakdown they had sent out.  After reconfirming with casting, my agent called back and said that yes, I should go.

So, I got my jogging clothes on and went to the office in West Hollywood.  Just as I suspected, most of the jogging dudes I saw there were 45-55, but oh well.  For the audition, we actually had to run back and forth a few times outside in front of casting and the clients (usually the clients aren't there until the callback stage, but that was cool.)  So, at least I got some exercise out of the deal!

Anyway, a few wacky auditions this week are just par for the course out here...  Alas, it is never boring!

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