Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Little Bit of Grace

I got to watch a cast/crew screening of Grace last night in Santa Monica.  Grace was the film I worked on late last summer -- mostly shot on location up in Idlewild.  I must say that I don't really like seeing myself on screen in general (actually pretty common among actors, I have found).  I love the process of making a movie, but the actual watching of the finished product is hard to enjoy because I always see things I could've/should've/would've done differently. 

Nonetheless, thanks to the beautiful cinematography and some really poignant, powerful performances by the the other actors, I was able -- for the most part! -- to enjoy the movie.  This was the first time since we wrapped that the entire cast was together again, so that was fun.  Originally written by director Paul Kampf as a 30-minute short, Grace actually ran about an hour, but the pace seemed right on.  It was interesting to see what made it in to the final cut from the original script and what was left out.

I know Paul has some ideas for distribution as far as festivals go, so I'll keep you posted.

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