Friday, March 6, 2009

Star Trek

As some of you already know, J.J. Abrams upcoming Star Trek (out on May 8th) was the first set I worked on when I got out to L.A. Answering an ad for an open call for extras meant waiting in line for a few hours to get a snapshot taken. The extras casting director called a month or so later and had me come in for a fitting. They fitted me for a Star Fleet cadet uniform and I ended up working as a cadet for 7-8 days - in Tustin, Long Beach, all over really. Then, they asked me to be a cadet in a flight simulator scene -- it was pretty cool as the scene was just 4 or 5 extras and the main stars, and one day we sang 'Happy Birthday' to set-visitor Steven Spielberg -- so I got fitted for another costume (this one was much more comfortable, though it looked kind of like one-piece blue pajamas.) I also got fitted for yet another costume, an engineer/workman outfit and did some green screen stuff.

In all over a period of 4 months or so, I worked several weeks. It was a great learning experience just being on a set that big and seeing how things worked. I wasn't much of a Star Trek fan going in, but I met some really cool folks who were, and learned a bit more about the mythology of the series. And just as importantly, because I was fortunate enough to be chosen for some of the smaller scenes that shot on the Paramount lot, I got enough SAG vouchers to be able to join the union.

For these reasons alone, and to see if I could spot myself on the big screen, I was planning on seeing the movie when it comes out in May. But, the new trailer was just released and it actually looks like a really solid sci-fi/action flick! Here is that trailer - you can watch a high quality version HERE.

"Live long and prosper!" or something.

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  1. Glad to finally know what the secretive movie is that you were working on. I definitely hope to have the same luck with getting my vouchers {need 2 more}. Let us know if you spot yourself in the movie b/c I'm not a Star Trek fan but I'd see it to support a fellow actor/blogger.


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