Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the Madness Begin!

Even non-sports fans know that March Madness means lots of college basketball and the occasional office pool. It also means cheerleaders and plenty of "what the hell was that?!" moments.

I typically enter brackets into various contests/pools which usually makes even the most mediocre match-up interesting to watch. That being said, I still love upsets that screw up my bracket. It's always fun to see David slay Goliath. So, tune into CBS over the next few days - it's the best reality television on TV...


  1. h loss for the Badgers today--I'll be rooting for your Golden Warriors or Eagles or whatever they are calling themselves these days. As for Richard Dreyfuss, well, he also almost got eaten by a giant shark, so what does that tell you? And as for myself, I'm going to go take advantage of this rare moment of Midwestern March sunshine to shoot some hoops myself. Hope all is well out West--

  2. Hi Jeff - I'm in charge of our "family" pool - which has 25 people this year. We do it a little differently. Everyone just picks two teams from each quartile and then you get points when your teams win - 1 pt. for each team ranked 1-4, 2 for each team ranked 5-8, 3 for each team ranked 9-12, and 4 points for each team ranked 13-16.

    The Badgers, Golden Eagles, and my Dayton Flyers are out, but being a pool keeps the tournament interesting.

  3. Sam - hope your hoops shooting session turned out better than either the Badgers' or the Golden Eagles' sessions...

    Kelsey - LOVE that idea. I also run my family pool (17 entries this year, including several animals) but I may have to try your rules next year.


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