Monday, May 5, 2008

Dog Jack & IMDb

As some of you may know, I worked on the Civil War film, Dog Jack, awhile back. It has been in post-production ever since. However, last week I got an update from the director/producer Mr. Ed McDougal which said that significant progress is being made -- especially on the sound design front, and they are trying to get a Hollywood star to do the narration which is the last big thing.

Since it is close to being finished, the filmmakers got it to be registered on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) which is something of an authority on all things film/tv. That is no small feat since the rules for having movies listed on there, especially those not yet released, have become more rigorous. The upshot for me individually is that means I am now listed on IMDb. It is a very bare-looking listing, though hopefully I will soon be adding to the credit list! If you want to check it out (and thereby help raise my mythic "starmeter" - I am currently ranked 1, 686, 566 ;) here is a link:

For more information about Dog Jack, please visit the official website:

Audition: Look-see today for a Canon cameras print job, though the photographer is also working on other projects.

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