Monday, May 12, 2008

3,454% !!!

Thanks to you guys checking out my Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page, my "starmeter" went up an absurd 3,454% last week. My rank went from about 1.7 million to 79,863 - not sure what that really means (besides that my first rank was really, really low ;), but I know higher is good. So please continue to visit often, as more searches/clicks mean better(?) things for me. I know there isn't much on there now, but a few of my credits have appeared and there are a couple pictures. Hopefully, in the months and years to come there will be more to see. Until then, thanks once again for hanging in there with me!

Jeff's IMDb Page

Today's audition: Sealy Mattresses - It was a fun spot, I played a 30-something trust fund baby who can sleep all day (I fell asleep eating, playing video games, etc...) The gist of the campaign is that for those of us who can't sleep all day deserve better sleep on a Sealy.

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