Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Week That Was

I worked on a Nescafe commercial. As it is only for Europe, there was no dialogue. The concept of the commercial is that Nescafe makes so many types of instant coffee, everyone can find one they like. So, the whole commercial is people walking around (first downtown on the way to work, then at a fancy party in this beautiful mansion) trading mugs with each other until they find a flavor they like. It should be interesting though I doubt I'll ever see the finished product, unless I happen to be floating around Paris sometime soon...

Audition: Memorex - another bizarre audition. The setup is that it is a bunch of coworkers watching someone give birth. Everybody is sufficiently weirded out, and someone asks to 'stop it.' We then cut to a different businessman popping a DVD out of a player. So, Memorex DVD media is so close to reality, that you can't tell if you are watching something on TV or if you are actually there. Hmm...

Young @ Heart - I urge you all to seek out this little documentary! It is about a senior citizens choir that sings rock 'n roll songs. It is poignant and inspiring and a lot of fun.

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