Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sitting Next to "The Artist"

Over a year ago, I wrote about working a few days on a little French film called The Artist.  Now, the movie is getting a ton of awards season buzz.  Unlike just about every other movie made in recent years, it is both black and white and silent.  But don't let that steer you away, it really is a delightful departure from the norm.

If you do get a chance to see it, keep your eye out for me in a few scenes; most notably next to the main character, George, when he goes to see Peppy's movie about 3/4 of the way through (still frame above).  And I also appear quickly in make-up and a tux with a clapboard at the very end.  Fun times, those Roaring Twenties!


  1. Congrats to you Jeff - you look quite at home in
    the audience. Was that dog able to follow orders? That's also a good pic of you in the
    vintage tux!

  2. thanks! yes, that dog was amazing! they even had a dog stand-in (a stuffed dog that looked just like the real thing), that they used until they were ready to shoot. it was a fun set to work on!


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