Monday, January 16, 2012

Actors Voting for Actors

The Golden Globes last night kicked off the unofficial TV awards season.  And for the fourth year in a row (I joined after the awards in 2008), I have the privilege of voting for my fellow thespians as part of the upcoming SAG Awards.  I have until Jan 27 to submit my votes for the TBS broadcast on January 29th.  This year, I have been fortunate to see many of the nominated performances already, but there are a few I have yet to see.  For a full list of nominees, go HERE.

The Guild and the various studios have seen fit to send more screeners than in recent years; I have gotten five DVDs including The Help, The Artist, and Moneyball.  Plus, they have made iTunes rentals available for several other films -- this is how I plan to see The Iron Lady and My Week With Marilyn.   SAG has joined the eco-friendly modern age and all voting is done electronically now; no more filling in the small circles, a la the SAT.

On the TV side, I am thrilled to see the Breaking Bad ensemble and Bryan Cranston nominated once again.  And I think the Modern Family nominations are well-deserved.  I do have to catch up on some of the mini-series noms.

I look forward to exercising my right to vote!

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