Sunday, August 29, 2010

John Williams at The Bowl!

A friend of mine who works at The Hollywood Bowl got me a couple tickets to see the John Williams 'Music of the Movies' concert last night.  It was spectacular!  Under a clear, cool sky, Mr. Williams conducted the LA Philharmonic through several pieces from 'the Golden Age of Cinema' while images from those films/that era were projected onto the screen.  Highlights for me included a piece from Sunset Blvd and a couple from Herrman's Hitchcock scores - Psycho and North by Northwest.

After the intermission, Williams stuck to his own contributions to the history of film doing a medley from Jaws (including The Barrel Chase!), one from 1941, one from the Indiana Jones films, and closing with a trio of Star Wars tunes. For the encores, he came back with another one from Star Wars (Yoda's theme!), followed by The Imperial March which was greeted by HUNDREDS of lightsabers in the audience moving in unison to the music!  Finally, he closed with the Theme from Superman.  A great night for movie nerds like myself! 

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