Friday, April 23, 2010

Premiering the New (Commercial) Me!

I just signed with a new commercial agency today - The Premier Talent Group!  I've actually known my new agent, Erika, for a while (though she is relatively new to the company) and just to show what a small town LA is: I met her and her husband Tyler soon after I moved here when we were taking a few of the same casting director workshops -- and months later found out that they were housemates of my good friend Chad who I met working nights on Angels & Demons!  

I appreciate my time with my other agency, but really didn't have a personal relationship with the agents there (probably because the agent I signed with left the place soon after...)  Erika is talented and hard-working and I am inspired to get a new start with her -- a wonderful chance to turn over a new leaf on the commercial side!


  1. Welcome to the family, JB. I can tell you that Erika's very happy to have you on-board, as you're one of those rare "really talented" actors that just needs to get in front of a casting director. Hopefully she can get you there, early and often.

    And yeah, it certainly does help to have a "personal relationship" with your agent (I've been to more SAG commercial auditions in the last two months than I did in my last two years in L.A...and I'm still non-union). I know Erika's focusing on building that with all of her clients (which makes her job so much easier). Luckily she knows you, so you're already ahead of the pack there.

    Looking forward to reading great things about your career...

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Tyler -- I look forward to fighting the good fight with Premier in my corner. See you soon!


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