Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Read

I had an audition this morning for a part as a "Roadside Assistance Guy" on the NBC web series that Sara Isaacson is casting.  Reminder: Sara is the CD that I've been helping out recently.  She called late Friday to say that the specs on one of her roles changed and asked if I wanted to read for the part today.  Of course, I said yes! 

It is a pretty short scene, and there were only a couple lines for me on the audition sides.  Sometimes these kind of auditions are the hardest, since there isn't a whole lot of material to dig into and create a whole, round character.  But, I enjoyed the challenge; I made a few specific choices and went in with those in mind.  The director seemed to like my original read, but then gave me a couple adjustments which I tried to hit the second time through.  I got them a little bit I think, but of course only in the car on the way home did I really nail the adjustment.  Still, I was glad the director had me run through it twice.

Overall, as far as auditions go, I felt pretty good about the whole thing.  It goes without saying that I would love to get the part, but even a positive feeling about an audition does a lot to keep one going out here...


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