Saturday, April 17, 2010

On the Fox Lot

The pick-up shots for The A-Team were on the 20th Century Fox lot, which is one of my favorite places to work.  No, it's not nearly as close to me as Paramount or Warner Brothers -- it is located on the appropriately named "Avenue of the Stars" way on the West side of town -- but it does have some very cool giant movie murals! 

Not surprisingly, my favorite of these is this Star Wars one (actually a scene from Empire) that greets you as you enter the lot from Pico Blvd. You can see that Luke's upper half and lower don't match up because the huge stage door is open a little bit.

Behind the stage on the left, you can catch another icon for us 80's fans: the Fox building better known as the Nakatomi Plaza from 1988 action classic Die Hard.  You get a better view of John McClane's favorite holiday house of horrors from the trailers.  Yippee-ky-ay!

And one more mural from the side of the parking garage I got as I was walking back to my car.  The hills are alive...

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