Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dancing at Cal Tech

We went to see our friend, Omi, in the Cal Tech Dance Show last night.  Omi doesn't go there, but she takes dance classes on campus.  Now, you wouldn't think of the traditional bastion of heavy science as a promoter of the arts, but the show was a lot of fun.  The crowd was rowdy -- must have all been on a break from their labs ;) -- and many types of dance were represented: ballet, hip-hop, swing, and Korean traditional to name several.  The school is right over in Pasadena, and I'd like to go back sometime during the day to walk around what seemed to be a very pretty campus.  Anyway, you rocked it, Omi!

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  1. Thanks, Jeff! And I hope you do walk the campus some day because it is pretty lovely.


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