Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sizes Matter

Yesterday I posted about 'the look' being important for commercials -- and really the only important thing for my AT&T audition.  Many times, size is just as important.  I can't begin to tell you how many jobs I've gotten because of my exact sizing (Ht. Wt. shirt/pants/suit sizes, etc.) starting of course with the best job I ever had: fitting clothes for Bachrach in Chicago.

While I haven't gotten any clothes-fitting gigs out here, a good amount of the work I've gotten -- especially on the big budget stuff -- has been in large part due to my sizing.  Often times, productions have uniforms/costumes already made that they need actors to fit, and sometimes they just want all the cops/guards/military to look similar in physique and stature.  These parameters have benefited me -- as I mentioned before, I got a few weeks of work on a tentpole movie earlier this year because I was the right fit.  And just last week, I got called to do some pre-production test fitting (to see what costumes they like and don't like...) on yet another big-budget movie (yep, had to sign another confidentiality agreement ;) that will start shooting later this spring/summer.

So, in a business that talks so much about 'appreciating talent,' sometimes it only matters how tall you are and what size pants you wear.  But work is work -- so please keep it coming!

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