Thursday, March 25, 2010

Criminal Minded-Ness

Based on a recent workshop I took with Casting Director, Scott David (which I thought went great at the time!), I got a call last week to come in the next day to pre-read for an episode of Criminal Minds!  I was very excited and promptly printed out the script, which was a very cool scene between the series leads and the character I was playing.  I worked on it and then showed up at 4:00 on Friday at Quixote Studios where they cast and shoot the show.  I went in and read the scene, Scott gave me a little redirection, and I did it again.  After waiting outside for a bit, they asked if I could come back in 45 minutes to read for the producers.

This was great!  So, I waited around a bit, and as 5:00 got closer, more and more actors showed up.  They were casting 4 roles and I'd say there were about 30 actors there, including 7-8 for the same role I was up for.  Once I got in the room -- there were about 5-6 people in there -- it was all very fast.  A quick greeting and then we went right into the scene.  They said thanks and I left.  I felt like the read went well, but I haven't heard, so I'm sure they went another way for the part.  Still, it was a great experience, and I feel like I learned a lot that I'll be able to use next time.  And hopefully there will be a next time!


  1. That's awesome! Even if they did go another way, now that they've seen you they'll be more likely to call you in again so celebrate that. :-)


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