Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big Sis in LA

My sister, Jennifer, escaped her job and the Wisconsin winter and came to town for a brief visit this week -- made one day briefer by the lameness of Midwest Airlines (by the way, what happened to them?! They used to be so reliable...)  The stay was short, but we made up for that by doing LOTS of stuff, and by eating a ton of good, unhealthy food.

The highlight was going to Disneyland courtesy of Gina's Silver pass.  The park wasn't crowded and we went on all the rides we wanted to.  Plus I kicked butt on the Toy Story 3D game/ride!  Good stuff.  And the weather was pretty good, too.  Jenny said the 60 degrees and sunny was preferable to 30s and cloudy.  I take her word for it.  Come back soon!

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