Friday, October 16, 2009

Play of the Dead @ Psychic Visions

Psychic Visions is a small theatre company/space out here in LA, which I know about because I have a couple friends who have done shows there. One such friend, Suzie, who is also in my acting class, is currently rehearsing for the annual fall "Play of the Dead" production at the theatre. The Play of the Dead is a collection of original short plays that honor or remember people that have passed away.

Suzie mentioned this week that they needed a male actor for one of the vignettes and wanted to know if I would do it. I read the script and said Sure! So, now I am in rehearsal as well -- it opens in two weeks on Saturday, Oct. 31. It is a fun little story and I'm told the other short plays are very thoughtful/entertaining, too, so it should be a good show. And it will be nice to get back on stage! As it gets closer, I'll have more details regarding showtimes, etc. But, if you're open any Saturday in November, plan to come on down!


  1. Sounds like an interesting project! We'll be there!

  2. thanks, Lindsay!
    I'll be seeing you guys on a stage about a month later I guess?


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