Monday, October 12, 2009

Dog Jack Premieres in Pittsburgh

Dog Jack premiered in Pittsburgh over the weekend at Sailors & Soldiers' Hall -- the same place where we shot a big ballroom scene for the film a few years ago now. Since I am broke, I did not make it to PA for the show, and so I am waiting to hear about it secondhand. But, here are a couple articles & excerpts from local papers last week in Pittsburgh discussing the (then upcoming) movie premiere:


In the movie, a bull terrier named Jack accompanies runaway slave Jed, whose "inner turmoil comes to a head when he learns his company is planning to destroy a key Southern outpost where his former master is stationed," according to the film's plot summary by director Edward McDougal.

The plot thickens when Jed learns that his former slave master might be his real father. The screenplay strays from Biros' novel, but Biros couldn't be happier that "Dog Jack" might become a Hollywood hit.

"We have several distributors that are very interested," says Biros, declining to name them. "A major distributor has shown considerable interest.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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