Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why I Love Print Auditions

Yesterday I had a print audition (i.e. they use your picture in ads in magazines/packaging/etc.) for Bose. Whenever your agent calls/e-mails with one of these auditions, they give you a description that the client is looking for, what the client wants to see when you walk in the door. And remember, it isn't an acting audition, it's all about 'the look.' These are always fun to read, because most of the time they are so overly specific that they border on the absurd.

Yesterday's audition: European, ethnically ambiguous, European-African or Mediterranean, fit, attractive, successful, tech-savvy career guy type, the guy that likes outdoor sports, and entertaining friends.

Now it's shorter than many I've read, but come on! From one look at you, they want to know that you are a successful, tech-savvy career guy that likes outdoor sports and entertaining friends? Do you wear a trendy suit with hiking boots and carry an iPhone, a fishing rod and a bottle of champagne? Oh, that's right - no props. You just have to convey all those specific things with your eyes. Easy.

What I like least about print auditions: I was #129 and they were going for 3 more hours. They take three quick pictures and you're gone. So, they see hundreds of dudes for one spot. Guess the best Wall Street outdoorsman host-extraordinaire exercise guru will get this one...

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