Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Button Up!

I've been waiting a long time for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. While the wide release comes on Christmas Day, I fortunately got to see a preview last week and was not disappointed. Because I think the movie is better seen without knowing too much about it, I won't spoil any details here.

After the Variety screening I was at, Director David Fincher and Writer Eric Roth spoke. They talked about the painstaking process of making the film -- the special effects, the make-up, the locations, the 150-day shoot... The narrative of the film is far different than the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story it's based on. Eric Roth (who also wrote Forrest Gump) weaves an intricate and poignant tale (Fincher chastised Roth for calling it a "fable" which in many ways it is) that will stick with you.

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