Saturday, August 9, 2008

CBS Promo

I got called to work as a stand-in on Friday for a CBS fall TV promo. It was actually pretty cool to see how they build these promos - almost all on green screen. They asked the stand-ins to join a few extras to get some group shots. They took a lot of shots of about 10 or so of us walking in various groupings and wardrobes, and they will composite them to be the background/foreground of the promo for the new fall show, The Mentalist. Then Julia Louis-Dreyfuss came in to do all kinds of one-liners to air on CBS throughout the year ("Happy Holidays from CBS," "Watch The New Adventures of Old Christine on Wednesday nights,"Catch March Madness, only on CBS," etc.)

They didn't need me to do much standing in Friday, but they asked me to come back today (Saturday) to stand-in, because all day they are doing the same thing they did with Julia with their other stars. They just needed a generic 'guy' and generic 'girl' to cover all of them, so it doesn't really matter that I don't look like any of them. But, I got to meet Jay Mohr (very, very funny!), and Neil Patrick Harris (really good with random, crazy lines), and as I type this (yes, I brought my computer and they have wireless web access!) Jennifer Love Hewitt is doing her stuff...

So, working Saturday isn't the best, but it is about the easiest and most fun day I could ask for.

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