Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shopping With the 1%

Recently, I joined Gina on a trip to Beverly Hills as she returned some make-up to Barney's.  It was pretty amazing watching the ladies and gents (and kids) who shop in the land of thousand-dollar shoes and five-thousand-dollar+ suits -- and the incredible cars that were valeted right outside, because apparently rich people don't believe in the parking garage.

After Barney's, we stopped in the Ralph Lauren store because we were told they had some vests on sale.  Unfortunately, if they had any, they were long gone and their vests ranged in price from $200 - $800.  Or about 5-15x what I was hoping for...  However, judging from the crowds milling about the shops, as well as the crazy-expensive inventory these places have to carry(!), it's evident that there are quite a few folks out here who are oblivious to any sort of recession going on.

Anyway, if you want to people watch on a beautiful sunny day, you could do worse than take a stroll down Rodeo Drive...


  1. Chad & I will be doing so - on March 18th during the Marathon! It runs right down Rodeo Drive. :)

  2. excellent! hope they don't charge $20 for a Dixie cup of water!


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