Monday, March 5, 2012

Boys of Spring

Spring training baseball doesn't cause quite the same visceral reaction living in California as it did when I lived in the Midwest.  That is, when snow is on the ground and the inside of your nasal cavities freeze whilst walking outdoors, there is something amazingly magical about watching Cactus League baseball; there is green grass, warm sun and short-sleeves.  It is a promise that spring -- and better weather -- is just around the corner...

Living out here now, I have all those things (today is 85 degrees and sunny and I'm wearing a t-shirt.)  BUT, there is still something mystical about seeing those green Arizona fields and those grown men playing the most wonderful kids' game of all. 

Despite a couple of early injuries to Corey Hart and Shawn Marcum (guh!), I have high hopes for my Brewers this year.  And if anyone knows where I can score a hat like the one this guy was wearing for the opener yesterday, pick one up for me!

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