Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pepsi Print Audition: Not a Hardware Store Dad

I had a Pepsi print audition this morning at Taylor Casting.  I was grateful for the audition, but the breakdown was even more confusing than usual:

"A dad with an interesting look and style. This is not the dad you'd see in a hardware store commercial - he's a real guy..."

Umm, not sure what that even means?  The dads in hardware store commercials aren't real guys? Or they don't look like real dads?  Neither?  Both?

Not sure if they are looking for mohawked, skateboarding rocker dads or Ward Cleaver or something in between...  In any case, the audition was a handful of photos and then a brief "interview" about interests.  I felt okay, but my audition rust was definitely there.

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