Monday, February 13, 2012

National Marquette Day!

Unfortunately I am some 2,000 miles from my alma mater, but I am still an avid supporter of Marquette University basketball.  This past Saturday was National Marquette Day as the Warriors/Golden Eagles squared off against (formerly much-more-hated) rival Cincinnati.  I know a lot of good friends and former classmates were part of the raucous Bradley Center crowd and I sure wish I was there with 'em!  But, since I'm out here -- and a bit under the weather, I had to celebrate from my own couch as I watched the game on ESPNU.
And despite MU getting down to their usual early deficit, they roared back for a convincing win.  And despite having no real size, this team has a lot of heart and is exciting to watch.  Currently in the top 15 nationally, looks like our boys may be poised for another nice March Madness run.  Ring Out A-Hoya!

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