Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Residual Goodness

When work is slow, there's nothing like opening a nondescript envelope from SAG and finding some residual goodness!  Residuals are what actors (and writers, directors, etc.) make when a program/movie is released -- subsequent to its initial run -- or repeated on dvd, pay-per-view, pay/free tv, etc.  The value of residuals can vary widely based on what type of medium and how long ago the project was made.  My last residual check for Angels & Demons was fifty-some dollars, this one more than 10 times as much!  (Yay, for being fortunate enough to be a tiny part of a popular movie that is endlessly replayed on free TV!)  I realize that this is probably the last sizable check I will get from the project, but that's okay by me.

Also, last week I got a residual check from my 2010 episode of Criminal Minds -- it was a pretty big check, so the show must have reran in prime time.  Of course if I was working more, more of these babies would be rolling in quarterly, but as it is, I am definitely grateful whenever they do arrive.

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