Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miller Lite Softball Commercial?

Yesterday there was a breakdown looking for softball teams for a Miller Lite commercial.  I e-mailed the casting director and told her I play on several teams and asked what the "audition" protocol was for  such a project.  She told me to send pictures of each of the guys on the team.  So my friend Chris and I collected as many pics of our softball-playing teammates and friends as we could and I submitted them.  Here is a sampling -- overall, I think we make a pretty diverse looking, beer drinking crew.

Now, I'm waiting to hear back.  But it sounds like it would be a great time -- spending a day outside shooting a national commercial with some friends playing softball?  Per one of the CD's e-mails to me: "The spot is looking for authentic people who would have a good time together on camera."  Having a good time playing softball -- and getting paid for it? -- now that we all can do!


  1. Please email the casting agent that I have a diverse trivia contest team here in Chicago that drinks beer and has fun. Nothing sells beer like watching trivia nerds fight over how many states there were in the CSA. (Answer? 11.)

  2. I will do so! sounds like a great idea for a commercial! (and I would have guessed 8 -- way off)


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