Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soccer, I mean FOOTBALL, Fever!

I've caught it!  Okay, well, not really.  There are still many, many things that annoy me about 'the beautiful game.'  BUT I did enjoy keeping up with the US fuuutball squad as they made their (rather brief) World Cup run.  I watched the pivotal game against Slovakia at about 40,000 feet while I made my return to LA Wednesday morning.  And my buddy Greg was in town for work this week, so we went to a local bar on Saturday morning for the match (as my soccer lexicon is expanding, I've learned that soccer teams don't play 'games,' they have 'matches') against Ghana. 

The place was jam packed; I haven't seen a bar this full at 10 a.m. since St. Paddy's day in Chicago.  And I must say the atmosphere was very, very cool.  When Donovan scored the equalizer -- that is soccer-speak for "tying goal" -- the place went nuts.  Good stuff. 

Alas, the US couldn't pull it off in the end.  I'll probably keep a little bit of an eye on the remaining tourney (Go Germany!), but my main focus will be back on watching the Brewers bullpen finding new and exciting ways to blow games.

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  1. Exciting game! We need to spend the next 4 years developing some strikers. We need guys who can score.


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