Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Thanks to my wonderful new commercial agent (thanks Erika!) I had a commercial audition last week for Celebrity Cruises -- the best part is that the gig would take place during an Alaskan Cruise; hiking, biking, glaciers, etc.  Yay!  BUT, I realized the downside when I arrived at the casting office: it was a typical LA "cattle call" audition where evidently the client had no idea what they really wanted so they asked half of the city to come in.  I went in about halfway through their audition day and I was #378.  Yes, that's right, 377 other folks were in before me -- including about 60 in all shapes, ages and sizes that I had to wait for at my designated call time -- and they were still going for another 3 hours after me.

It was actually just a 'look-see' where they took 3-4 photos, so each person didn't take too long, but having to wait behind 5 dozen folks still took some time.  Needless to say I haven't heard back, so I'm thinking I'll have to book my next cruise to Alaska on my own...

Here is a shot of one small portion of the people waiting in one area of the place when I was there:

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