Saturday, November 7, 2009

Useful Down Time

Well, I finally got the cold/sick thing that's been going around.  So, while I was sitting on my couch yesterday with a plugged-up head -- pretty useless -- I decided that between sneezing fits, it'd be a good time to write out some postcards.  Postcards are a good way of staying in touch with industry folk: for me mainly casting directors that I have auditioned for or taken workshops with.

So, I wrote out some two dozen postcards with updates on what I've been up to -- my play, the various projects I've been working on -- and lumbered over to the post office to mail them.  The hope is that my postcard (with my headshot and website address on, of course) will find its way onto a casting director's desk just as they happen to be looking for someone of my type.  While possible, that is something of a long shot.  Still, if that doesn't happen, I think it's useful just to have my face in front of them -- even if it's only for two seconds before the postcard finds the trash can -- and remind them that I am still out here and keeping busy.

There is no real quantifiable way to know if this plan works (unless a CD calls you in and tells you it's because if your postcard), but I think it's worthwhile nonetheless.  And no doubt writing and sending postcards is a better use of this downtime than watching Judge Judy and Jerry Springer...

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