Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shorts & Stubs

After helping out on the set of a short that Paul Kampf wrote last week, this week I had the pleasure of shooting a short scene for another of his films.  (From Grace, the film that I did this summer that he wrote/directed is in the final stages of post-production.)  This particular scene was only a couple minutes, an improvised 'interview' of sorts.  My part of the shoot was short and sweet, but it's always inspiring to be around Paul and the creative team that he's put together. 


Wow, do I have some creative and enterprising friends!  Looking for a good Christmas gift for that sports fan?  My buddy from college, Tim, and his friend recently came out with the "Ticket Journal" -- a place to store all those ticket stubs from games and events, and a place to remember why each of those games was special.  I've been to hundreds of games, concerts, premieres, and events and have the pile of ticket stubs in a box to prove it; but unfortunately, after so many years, most of the specific memories of those games have faded.  On some of them, I have tiny notes and phrases about the events, but even most of those are smudged, illegible, or unintelligible...   

But, with the Ticket Journal, you can keep your stubs and jot down specifics (scores, who you attended with, what was memorable about the experience, etc.), and the memories can live on!  Anyway, I think this is a great idea; frankly I can't believe anyone hasn't thought of it before -- but kudos, Tim! 

HERE is the Ticket Journal website if you're interested in checking it out.

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