Monday, June 15, 2009

Screen This

I often write about screenings. A screening is a movie - often a sneak preview of a film coming out at a later date, or a special event where the filmmakers/actors are present before or after. But, the best thing about screenings is that they are FREE! And LA has a ton of screenings...

This weekend I had the good fortune to attend two such screenings. The first was my friend Joe Burke's AFI (American Film Institute) graduate thesis film, Nice Knowing You. I know Joe from an acting project we worked on years ago back in Chicago. His is a good actor as well as an immensely talented filmmaker (he wrote and directed this one). His movie was really impressive and I expect big things from Joe in the future - keep an eye out for him. Joe and the rest of his production team were there to introduce the film and there was a reception with free food and drinks afterward. You can get more info about Nice Knowing You and Joe Burke HERE and HERE.

The second screening of the weekend was of Woody Allen's new film, Whatever Works, starring Larry David. Gina got tickets as a member of the USC Film School Alumni Club and it was right on campus. The movie was great - and maybe even better because it was free.

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