Monday, June 29, 2009

Dodging the Sun -- and the Costly Beer

Thanks to free tickets for filling up on gas at 76 Stations, Gina and I joined my friends Chad and Lindsay at the Dodger game yesterday. Being from Seattle, they are loyal Mariners fans, and alas, their team prevailed.

It was a HOT day in LA, but fortunately our Top Deck seats were in the shade. Luckily that meant I didn't have to continually rehydrate with $13.00 "Premium Large Beers" (see full price list below.) In fact, by parking outside the stadium grounds and bringing in several bottles of water (and a giant bag of peanuts), we managed to spend a grand total of $0. Now, that's baseball on a budget.

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  1. What a nice afternoon it was! Just perfect. :)


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