Sunday, June 7, 2009

A & D a Worldwide Box Office Hit

From Nikki Finke's DHD Site:

'Angels & Demons' Passes $400M Global

Imagine/Sony's Angels & Demons this weekend became the No. 1 grossing global hit released to date this year. Of it's $409M, Angels & Demons has generated $292.9M in the international marketplace, including $22.2M this weekend from overseas. It also has a new North American cume of $116.1M after making $6.5M this weekend....

"No one ever expected to replicate the success of Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code, which was a cultural phenomenon. But for his sequel to hit $400+M and continue climbing is really quite an achievement," a Sony exec said. Especially since this wasn't a cheap sequel to make what with all the top dollar and/or gross players involved like Tom Hanks, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer. Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman received $4 million, a new high for a book adaptation, then another marquee name, David Koepp, rewrote the screenplay.

But the film took in more than its production budget in its first few days of release, and the studio expected a good multiple...

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