Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dining in the Dark

This weekend I had another CD workshop. When handing out scenes, the CD asked if I wanted a challenge, I said Sure! He said, okay here's your scene, you are a blind waiter - who has killed someone at work. The thought of 'acting' blind while doing a cold read did indeed sound challenging. But, the scene actually went really well, and he gave me good feedback, both for my acting and for my acting blind.

But, the real interesting part of the whole thing was that I learned about this "blind dining" or "dark dining" craze. I guess it started in Germany and got big in China. Now there are places, a couple here in town, that provide a completely dark eating experience. The wait staff is either blind or equipped with night vision goggles. And I guess these dinners run about $400 a person according to the CD. Hmmm, funny what rich people like to spend their money on...

The last couple weeks I got to watch my favorite little dog in town, Kiki. Now she's back home with her parents. But, we did have some fun...


  1. Re: the blind dining/dining in the dark.... There was actually a CSI (Vegas) episode that revolved around a murder during one of those kinds of dinners. I can't remember if it was the waiter that was the culprit or not, but funny coincidence! :)

  2. ha! that was the scene I read no doubt - the CD used to work on CSI. funny!


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