Monday, January 19, 2009

Showing Some 'Character'

I recently started a 4-week acting workshop called 'Character' taught by actor/writer/director/friend David Dean Bottrell recently. (I actually met David about a year ago at this time walking the picket lines outside Disney during the writers strike.) Each student was paired up with a scene partner who we will work with -- on the same piece of material -- for the 4 classes. Each week we focus on different aspects of preparation and perform the scene. Our 'scene' is really a 10-minute one-act play which is really well-written and should be a lot of fun! I haven't had a class with this type of approach before, and the added bonus of hearing about David's industry experiences is invaluable.

TV fans may recognize David from Boston Legal where he played the memorable, Lincoln Meyer. He also writes a weekly blog/column, that as I've said before, is sometimes poignant, often hilarious and always insightful, about his experiences in the entertainment industry. That blog can be found HERE.

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