Monday, September 15, 2008

Under 'Duress'

I haven't been posting too regularly this month. The reason is simple: there hasn't been much to report. Overall, the past couple weeks have been more of the same in terms of getting my materials out to casting directors, targeting a few agents and managers with letters and materials, and taking my class. Some little jobs here and there, the most interesting of which was as a COP extra on a film called Duress. It is a small film, not sure if it's for DVD release or maybe for HBO/Showtime - a psychological thriller - shooting on location around town. The crew all seem very young and energetic which makes it a cool set to be on. I've got a couple days left on it over the next few weeks, so that will be fun...

Also, my softball season started (strange to say in mid-September) and it promises to be good times. I like my teammates and, even though we are a bit defensively challenged, I think we'll put up a good fight most weeks.

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