Sunday, December 9, 2007

Extra-ordinary! & Birthday Sun

As I mentioned last week, I'm doing a bit of extra work to get on set and make some money. Friday I started a project that I'll be working on this coming week as well. I'm not at liberty to say the name of the film (I've signed many confidentiality agreements and been threatened with legal action ;), but let's just say it is a much-anticipated movie. The set is giant and located in the absolutely enormous WWII blimp hangar you see in the photo. There is a lot of action and smoke and pyrotechnics - plus I get to wear a pretty cool uniform. Overall, for being extra work, it is quite exciting, though I have to get up at 2:30 a.m. each morning to make it to the set, which is about an hour away, by my call time. This is a bit uncomfortable, but lemme tell ya: the traffic at 3:30 a.m. is a breeze!


This is the first time that I can remember that it was sunny and in the 60's on my birthday. A very strange -- but not unwelcome -- feeling to be sure.


  1. Happy birthday--if it's any consolation, it may be sixty out there, but we are all coated in ice over here, so at least somebody is suffering through winter.

    By the way, congratulations on landing a part for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow II!

    (I actually have a better guess than that, but I would hate to guess and either get you in trouble or be wrong . . . )

  2. If you ever want to chat Leia and I are ALWAYS up at that time! :) Glad you had beautiful birthady weather! Miss you and love you! See you soon!

  3. Thanks, Sam! If I see you at home around Christmas, I'll let you in on the title ;)

  4. thanks c & l! get some sleep ;) see you soon!

  5. Happy Birthday JB -- we missed you at the Pizza Hut soccer banquet to "celebrate" our 1-6-1 record.

    So what's the movie...Rambo V??? Ocean's 17??


  6. Looks like Mike Peters made it all the way to the top! He's directing now!

  7. mike peters: yeah, but his film is already in post. too bad...

  8. Boehmer,

    I apologize for not getting a card out for your birthday!! I forgot with your move, that I didn't have your address handy, and my December like most everyone's has been busy... I feel bad about not getting a card out though, because I always enjoy getting you card on my birthday. I'm a terrible person. Hopefully I'll remember next year!! Oh yeah, tell Spielberg I have a script for him!!

    Take care, man.


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