Monday, October 3, 2011


The Internet Movie Database, or IMDb as it's known, is the foremost repository of all things Hollywood on the internet.  It is not always correct or timely.  But, it is typically THE site that people go to to see what you've done -- whether it be casting, acting, directing, costume design, even stunt work.

So, it is important to build up your IMDb resume as much as possible, ideally with credits from shows/movies that are recognizable.  In the absence of those dozen prime-time television credits, you do not want to include any sort of extra work on there as it makes you look unprofessional.  Besides, if casting people or other industry folk see a resume filled with extra work, what are they going to look at you as being capable of doing?  The other thing you may notice: no commercial work goes on the database.

Of course, I am still trying to build up my IMDb resume, but in the interim I recently got some of my new headshots up there.  Stroll on by my page if you're interested.

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