Friday, July 23, 2010

Recent Work

This week I worked on a K-Swiss commercial.  It seems like they are really trying to shake up their bland, white shoe reputation -- their new campaign features their slick "Tubes" and looks to be a lot of fun starring "Kenny Powers" (the baseball playing character that actor Danny McBride plays on HBO's "Eastbound and Down") and NFL Linebacker, Patrick Willis.  I went to set to work background, but when I got there, they told me that they actually wanted me to be a principal (i.e. seen on camera and a boatload more money -- yay!)  I even signed the contract to do so.  Unfortunately, the production got behind schedule and they shelved the portion of the shoot that was going to feature me and/or my feet, so no principal work for me.  BUT, in addition to a brief background bit, I also got to do some 'double' work -- my hand/arm was used to substitute for Danny's as I shot off several rounds on a starter pistol.

Speaking of doubling work, I also worked as Jason Sudeikis' photo double on the film Horrible Bosses (notice the finely-tuned coif!)


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